The website of the Syrian Astronomical Association is a scientific site in Arabic language aimed at introducing the association and its activities and presenting various astronomical information and pictures to the public in Arabic countries. The site was launched on 1/1/2006 and was gradually developed with continuous addition of scientific material. The English section was added on 1/6/2008 with the global reform of the site. We update this site on the beginning of each month, adding a selected collection of news, articles, pictures, and other material. All scientific material in this website is either free-to-use information from other sites and news agencies (such as NASA and ESA related websites) or pure production of the association such as some written lectures and designed maps and figures. We ask our browsers to refer every quoted bit of information to the original source or to our website.


The English section of the website contains the following pages:

- About SAA: information about how to contact us.

- Establishment: why, when, and how the association was established.

- Objective: the goals that we are working for.

- Logo: our logo and its implications.

- Activities: a general overview and listing of our activities.

- Observation: about our observation activities and how to participate.

- Website: information about this site.