What to observe?
The association organizes observation nights on a regular basis in order to introduce the sky to the public. In these nights we work on stars and constellations, naked-eye planets, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. We also hold special activities upon occurrence of important events such as meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, transits or occultations, and comets.


How to observe?
Members of the association own nine telescopes of various types, some or all of which are used in our observation nights. Sky maps are usually distributed to all participants. Additionally we use some laptops which help demonstrating some ideas and facts and guide us during observation. Sometimes we also bring a projection set in order to present some short lectures or presentations.


Who can participate?
The association welcomes all participants on open observation nights, weather they are members of the association or not. Some of the administrators with a number of telescopes are always present so that there is a great learning opportunity during these occasions. Arabic is usually the language used in explanation, but we can also provide a thorough explanation in English for non-Arabic speakers.


Where to observe?
Observation is usually held outside cities in an area free of light pollution. Most obeservation activities are held in our observatory, which is located near Damascus (about 12 km south of Damascus on the way to Dar'a). Sometimes we organize the observation near another city so that there is a tourism program at the day with observation at the night. Transportation is always our responsibility.


How to know about observation activities?
If you are a non-Arabic speaker and you would like to be informed about such occasions in advance please send us an e-mail on info@saaa-sy.org and we will send you all necessary details by e-mail about one week before every observation activity we organize.