The second section of the basic regulations of the association has determined the objective of the SAA in the following points:
1. Providing astronomy education to all social groups and in every possible way.
2. Studying astrophysics and supporting applied astronomy.
3. Cooperation with similar associations and organizations inside and outside Syria.
4. Reawakening the Arabic historical heritage in astronomy.
5. Making astronomy one of the obligate subjects at schools in Syria.
6. Publication of astronomical and scientific papers.
7. Activation of translation in this field.
8. Organizing various astronomical activities such as observations nights and astronomical conferences.


What have we done so far??


As for educating the population in astronomy we have worked so hard in order to broaden the concept of astronomy among different social levels. This was accomplished through different scientific activities which gained an excellent acceptance in the media. The association was able to attract a large number of people and to enroll more and more number of attracted individuals who did not have a previous knowledge of astronomy. The association includes now more than 400 members, ranging in age from 14 to 70 years.


The association could do a lot of activities in cooperation with many private and government organizations. It could also build strong relationships with many astronomical associations in surrounding countries and in some non-Arabic speaking countries.


Since its launch the association has been concentrating on reawakening the Arabic historical heritage in astronomy. The association has a specialist team in this field who strive to look for new information in local libraries and ancient monuments. We always include some information about ancient Arabic astronomers in our publications so that people can be aware of the accomplishment of their ancestors.


By the end of 2006 the association started releasing its lovely magazine, which is a freely-distributed eight-page monthly periodical. Furthermore, the association started by the beginning of 2008 sending its creative weekly Newsletter to keep members up-to-date with every recent in astronomical events and news, as well as informing them about upcoming activities of the association.


In 2009 we were a part of the global celebration, International Year of Astronomy 2009. Syria was a global node in the activity and we participated in more than ten projects in familiarizing astronomy and contact with people, as well as other organizations locally and globally.


Finally the bulk of our effort was concentrated on astronomical events. We have not missed even the simplest event without organizing an interesting observational night, trying to enroll as much number of people as we can. We could for example include about 1,200 participants in the 2007 Perseids meteor shower observation at one place. We have also organized a number of meetings and conferences in Syria to widen our relations with similar associations.