The logo of the association was completely designed by the founders. The general outline is composed of interlocking A and S letters, which are the two letters in the abbreviation of our name (SAA).


The astronomical pictures included in the logo points to the pyramidal and historical structure of the universe. Our knowledge of the universe started with simple planets in the nearby such as Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. We regarded stars as mere points, but afterwards we realized that the universe includes also nebulae and galaxies.


Black dominates the background of the logo. This color is really important to us as astronomers, without which we could never enjoy the wonders of heaven.


The magnificent rings of Saturn encircle the whole logo obliquely to present an important symbol of astronomy for all fans of this science.


And finally not only the shape of the logo is an astonishing duplication of the map of Syria, but also Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is located exactly where Damascus the capital is situated on the map of Syria.