Activities of Syrian Astronomical Association vary greatly and include lectures, movie shows, publications, observations, and conferences. We give below a brief idea about all these activities except observations, which are presented on a separate page.


The scientific activity of the association depends on presenting various lectures in the field of astronomy and related sciences. The association organizes a program composed of about 40 lectures a year presented between September and June every Tuesday. The lectures are usually presented in Arabic language by members of the association or other Syrian or Arabic experts. Attendance is usually opened to public.


Movie shows
The archive of the association contains tens of documentaries and science fiction movies related more or less to astronomy. The association presents from time to time one of these movies in a well-equipped hall and holds a related discussion after the show. Movies are usually in English with Arabic subtitles, but some documentaries are in Arabic language. Attendance is usually opened to public.


Since November 2006 the association has been releasing a monthly leaflet in Arabic language. The leaflet is composed of eight pages and it contains various astronomical information concerned with the solar system, events of the month, activities of the association, and other historical and scientific articles. About 3000 copies of the leaflet are distributed every month free of charge.
With the beginning of 2008 the association has also launched its weekly newsletter which is send to subscribers by e-mail. The newsletter is written in Arabic language and contains detailed information about the activities of the association during the coming week, all new updates added to the website, hot topics in the forum, important astronomy events of the week plus necessary maps, the latest astronomy news, and the schedule of TV astronomy programs on various Arabic-speaking channels.


The association tries to participate in all astronomy conferences in the Arabic world through its most active administrators and members. We also participated in some international meetings such as the 2007 International Workshop in Japan. The participation usually takes the form of presenting some lectures about our latest activities or about a hot scientific topic. We have also organized some astronomy conferences and meetings in Syria, and we have also welcomed some international organizations such as the Hipparchus Astronomical Society from Italy.